Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Post of the Pregnancy!

Being pregnant was a fun experience! I will admit it was the hardest thing I’ve done, you remember all the great things you use to do with your body that was so much easier before! For instance just getting up out of bed, I felt like a bowling ball I had to roll around to get up, also putting my shoes on… that one was really annoying for me, I remember this one time I put one of my boots on and then when I finally got them on there was a sock at the bottom, I literally think I stood there and cried! One thing I really missed when I was pregnant was that feeling of sleeping lying down all the way and even on my belly if I wanted to… I had the worst heart burn that I sat up all night, I remember waking up this one morning and my hips hurt so bad because I had slept Indian style the whole night. I also was so excited to feel my baby move for the first time, then when it finally came it was so hard to sleep and it was uncomfortable and the alien invasion was inside of you all the time and I will admit it creeped me out so bad sometimes I couldn’t look at my belly when I took a bath.

There was a few good things though, you always had cars waiting for you to cross, people opening doors for you and giving up their seat for the poor fat lady who couldn’t stand very long… Everyone is so understanding and extra sweet when they know that you have a human life you’re creating inside of you. Thinking about everything about being pregnant and how hard it is, I can come up with so many pro’s and con’s and complain and have the biggest list of all the tough and gross things a pregnant woman deals with but then why I type this I look down at my lap and I only need one pro to make everything go away and that is my dear sweet Hollynd Mae..



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OcToBeR fUn!!

October is one of my favorite months of the year, my husband and I both have October birthdays... This year it was really fun because so much in our life has changed in a year! We had a new puppy, a great house and our sweet baby girl on the way. We had so much fun, on Cadens birthday he went duck hunting and we had a "How I Met Your Mother" marathon ( our favorite tv show!) Then for my birthday we went to church had a party at my parents. 

I know people probably make fun of us because we love our dog sooooooo MUCH! She is in a lot of pictures with us and we love taking her to fun things.

It's harder then you think trying to find a pregnant costume so i got a orange shirt and someone at the salon drew on the face for me. We girls at the salon have to much fun, it's nice when you can say you love your job!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We have way too much fun!

    Caden and I are now officially proud home owners in Roy!! I'm so happy to be home with my family, moving away was one of the hardest things I've done.... I'm pretty sure we will stay home for a long time, I'm having so much fun and love living here too much. here is a little flash back of how our summer went!
                             Hazel is getting so big, we gave her her first bath she looks so sad.

Look how good she looks, so worth the torture.  
We finally learned how to make jam! Thanks to mama Earl we have a freezer full and it's so good!

 In july we went to the cutest bed and breakfast in huntsville. . It was such a nice little get away, it was so beautiful.

      To end the summer we went to the Tremonton Rodeo and Fair, it was awesome! So sad that school has to start and the summer has to be over...
                           Caden wanted to practice his fathering skills haha I think he looks dang good with a stoller!

30 weeks!

How far along? 30 weeks.
Maternity clothes?? most definitely nothing fits me anymore, not gonna lie but I wear my pj's a little too much.
Stretch Marks? Yes they keep showing up more, I dont have any on my belly, but they are all over my sides on my hips.
Sleep? I can't wait to be normal again, lots of heartburn, and so many kicks from baby that I want to stay awake so I can feel them.
Movement? It's crazy! she has so much personality already it is so fun, but it's now to the point where I can see them out of the corner of my eye. I even felt hiccups for a little bit and that was so fun.
Food cravings? I don't really have food cravings anymore, but for some reason the smell of bacon makes me sick, and I usually love bacon..
Things you miss? I miss how easy things use to be like getting up out of the tub, also sitting normal without baby in my ribs.

finally to the third trimester!

    Here is 20 Weeks .So I know It has been awhile since I've been posting baby bump pictures, so here are a few that I have found to keep you updated!!.. 
 around 25 weeks.

  Then here is the most recent one at 28 weeks!
Time just keeps on flying by!.... so excited for it to be over and meet her!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boy?? or Girl??

         Caden and I have so really exciting news! We found out what gender our little baby is.. We thought for sure it's a boy.. but boy we were suprised!

Check out this cute video to see our baby announcement!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

16 Weeks!

I can't believe how fast this is going by! Yet really slow at the same time.. Here is an update on the baby bump!

How far along? 16 weeks.
Maternity clothes?? Pants are my life saver!
Stretch Marks? Not yet but waiting for them
Sleep? A little nausea, so I sleep sitting up. I also feel better when I put my hand on my tummy.
Movement? None yet.. except the other day when I was sleeping I felt bubbles ha so maybe it's blowing bubbles.. or just gas
Food cravings? I love pizza pockets! and popisicles
Anything making you quesy or sick? dirty dishes!!!!
Gender? I think it is definitely a boy!
Happy or moody all the time? always crying over everything.