Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Post of the Pregnancy!

Being pregnant was a fun experience! I will admit it was the hardest thing I’ve done, you remember all the great things you use to do with your body that was so much easier before! For instance just getting up out of bed, I felt like a bowling ball I had to roll around to get up, also putting my shoes on… that one was really annoying for me, I remember this one time I put one of my boots on and then when I finally got them on there was a sock at the bottom, I literally think I stood there and cried! One thing I really missed when I was pregnant was that feeling of sleeping lying down all the way and even on my belly if I wanted to… I had the worst heart burn that I sat up all night, I remember waking up this one morning and my hips hurt so bad because I had slept Indian style the whole night. I also was so excited to feel my baby move for the first time, then when it finally came it was so hard to sleep and it was uncomfortable and the alien invasion was inside of you all the time and I will admit it creeped me out so bad sometimes I couldn’t look at my belly when I took a bath.

There was a few good things though, you always had cars waiting for you to cross, people opening doors for you and giving up their seat for the poor fat lady who couldn’t stand very long… Everyone is so understanding and extra sweet when they know that you have a human life you’re creating inside of you. Thinking about everything about being pregnant and how hard it is, I can come up with so many pro’s and con’s and complain and have the biggest list of all the tough and gross things a pregnant woman deals with but then why I type this I look down at my lap and I only need one pro to make everything go away and that is my dear sweet Hollynd Mae..



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