Monday, October 24, 2011

A little bit about us!

   Well I've decided to let you into the life of newley weds! We are fresh from the temple from 5 months ago... Here is where our story began! .... Caden and I met a little over a year ago in our singles ward. We met in september and got married the very next may! It all happened so quick but we are having the best time of our life. Almost two monts ago Caden got a job offer in Lehi that we couldn't pass down so now we have relocated to West Jordan, our apartment is a tiny little 800 sq ft one bedroom but it's so much fun and easy to manage. I myself got a job at dollar cuts and it's really a fun job I love it and look forward going to work every day! Well thats all for now I will post some projects I'm working on, I found some little ways to decorate a apartment that you can't paint and so far it's been really fun!

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